Commit 5bb48361 authored by Gilles Guitton's avatar Gilles Guitton

- use tuple for creating new Slices objects in Slices outsub_insub_slices() method.

parent 62906775
......@@ -623,7 +623,8 @@ class Slices(tuple):
instop = inmin - 1
insub_slices.append(slice(inmax, instop, absstep))
res = (Slices(outsub_slices, shp), Slices(insub_slices, sub_size))
res = (Slices(tuple(outsub_slices), shp),
Slices(tuple(insub_slices), sub_size))
# TMP check
for size1, size2 in zip(res[0].shape(), res[1].shape()):
if size1 != size2:
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