Commit 5635ab57 authored by Sylvain Herlédan's avatar Sylvain Herlédan

Replace pyhdf (unmaintained) by python-hdf4.

parent bf7c711c
......@@ -24,16 +24,6 @@ except DistributionNotFound, exception:
except ImportError:
logging.exception('A netCDF mapper failed to load, and is unavailable:')
# from . import hdffile
# from . import qscathdffile
except DistributionNotFound, exception:
logging.warning('Python pyhdf package is required for HDF. '
'No HDF compatable modules are avaialble on this cerbere instance')
except ImportError:
logging.exception('An HDF mapper failed to load, and is unavailable:')
# from . import gribfile
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ setup(
install_requires=[ 'numpy>=1.7.1'
, 'scipy>=0.12.0'
, 'netCDF4>=1.0.4'
, 'pyhdf==0.8.3'
, 'python-hdf4>=0.9'
, 'pygrib>=1.9.6'
, 'Shapely==1.2.18'
, 'python-dateutil>=2.1'
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