Commit 5094df8c authored by Antoine Grouazel's avatar Antoine Grouazel

change the cst noise calibration IPF~2.9 for period EAP wv2

parent 2b4c0526
......@@ -53,11 +53,11 @@ EARTHRADIUS = 6371009. # Mean earth radius [m]
noise_calibration_cst_pp1 = {'S1A':
'wv2':{'EAPold':36.84,'EAPnew':36.84 #je met les meme valeurs sur conseil de pauline
{'wv1' : {'EAPold' : 39.30,'EAPnew' : 39.30},
'wv2' : {'EAPold' : 37.44,'EAPnew' : np.nan}
'wv2' : {'EAPold' : 37.44,'EAPnew' :37.44} #mars 2020: je met les meme valeurs sur conseil de pauline
} #dB I removed the negative sign by purpose
} #given by pauline in
......@@ -606,7 +606,7 @@ class SAFEGeoTiffFile(AbstractMapper):
logging.debug('lut val noise before interp = %s',val.mean())
values = self._interpolate_values(xval, yval, val, slices,
kx=1, ky=1)/cst #il suffit de multiplier par la cst. #feb 2020 je tente division pcq multiplier c trop fort
kx=1, ky=1)/cst #feb 2020 replace multiplication by division
luts = self._attributes['noise']
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